Digital Lenses

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ZEISS Digital Lenses
The remedy to digital eyestrain.

What is Digital Eyestrain?

Digital eyestrain is eye fatigue due to overexertion after long periods of reading or working on digital screens without taking a break. The use of digital technology places extreme strain on our eyes - they constantly re-adapt from near vision (using digital devices) to fai, to ensure that what we see is clearly focused.

Why ZEISS Digital Lenses?

Comes with DuraVision® BlueProtect UV

A special lens coating that features a blue filter which protects the eye by reflecting away harmful blue light, reducing digital dazzle.

Sources of Blue Light:

Blue light is everywhere! It is component of sunlight but is also emitted by the digital devices we use every day, at different intensities.

Protect yourself from harmful blue light by getting ZEISS Digital Lenses with DuraVision® BlueProtect UV.


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