Progressive Lens Experience Centre

There are various progressive lens brands and designs in the market. It is essential that progressive lenses are fitted well, otherwise, it will not be able to meet an individual’s visual needs and it can affect work performance, as well as the quality of life. In view of this, Optical 88 provides a one-stop progressive lens experience centre with fitting solutions.

The progressive lens consultant will first understand whether the current pair of glasses is able to meet the visual demands of the wearer. Subsequently, our eye care professionals will determine your prescription and thereafter, recommend suitable lenses based on your lifestyle and visual needs.

Customers will be able to try on and compare the different types of progressive lenses, before selecting the design that is most suitable and comfortable for them.

A simulation experience area for driving and common places such as the workplace and kitchen environment is also set up, so that customers can have a realistic first-hand experience of wearing progressive lenses.

Precise measurements will be taken using the HOYA Trueview instrument, in order to ensure the best possible fit. Using a unique mirror table, we will be able to determine the eye position when reading or looking at near. Taking accurate measurements will aid in the entire personalisation process of tailoring a pair of progressive lenses just for you.

Upon dispensing and collection, customers can put on the newly-fitted progressive lenses and using the mirror table, they will be able to practice according to the consultant's instructions. In this manner, they can easily adapt to the progressive lenses and can enjoy clear and comfortable vision all day.