DriveSafe Lenses

 Suitable for DrivingProgressive Lenses

ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses
Reach your destination safety and stress-free

Using a combination of an optimisedlens design and a special coating, ZEISS DriveSafeoffers you a lens for everyday use with special features to make driving a more relaxed experience.

The benefits of ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses:

 What's behind ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses:



ZEISS together with external partner FKFS investigated visual behaviourof car drivers in extensive real-drive study using advanced eye-head-tracking technology. FKFS Research Institute of Automotive Engineering and Vehicle Engines Stuttgart is an independent foundation associated with the University of Stuttgart. Founded in 1930, FKFS has become one of the largest and leading research institutes in the field of automotive engineering, serving major automobile manufacturers and suppliers.



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