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ZEISS Office Lenses
Better vision and more comfort at work and at your home office.

Enjoy comfortable vision in the office - no matter where you look. ZEISS Office Lenses offer a large visual field for the near and intermediate zones and are adapted to your requirements on the job.

How about reading glasses / progressive lenses?

Spectacles with standard reading or progressive lenses are generally not ideal for working at the computer, and are not optimized for office work.

Take a look below to see why this is:

Wearing reading glasses for work:

Reading glasses are only ideal for short distances. To see clearly, you will automatically move closer to the screem, which can result in tension in your neck and back from poor posture.

Wearing progressive lenses for work:

For progressive lenses, only the lower section of the lens helps you see objects close to you. Because of this, you will tend to lift your head to see clearly through this part of the lens, which puts excessive strain on your neck and shoulders.

ZEISS Office Lenses for more relaxed vision:

ZEISS Office Lenses are tailored to your specific needs and allow for a relaxed posture. Offering very large fields of vision from near to intermediate distances, your head and neck will be in a natural position the whole day through.

The benefits of ZEISS Office Lenses:

Clear vision all day long at three different working distances

Everyone performs their work and hobbies at different distances and under different conditions, so ZEISS has created three different types of lens so that wearers can enjoy clear, sharp vision tailored to their needs at all three distances at the workplace.

Comes with DuraVision® BlueProtectUV

A special lens coating that features a blue filter which protects the eye by reflecting away harmful blue light, reducing digital dazzle.

Sources of Blue Light:

Blue light is everywhere! It is component of sunlight but is also emitted by the digital devices we use every day, at different intensities.

Protect yourself from harmful blue light by getting ZEISS Digital Lenses with DuraVision® BlueProtect UV.


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