Suitable for Outdoor, Sports, Driving

Sensity light-reactive lenses ensure you experience a solid performance in different climates, different seasons and different circumstances. They darken to an attractive sun lens tint when you are outdoors. They also quickly fade back to full clarity as soon as the ambient light intensity diminishes. You are UV protected during these rapid transitions. As a result, you get the highest comfort as well as the best protection.

You get to choose from three deep, natural tints that were developed by colour specialists to harmonise with sun lens trends, thus guaranteeing a contemporary look for you. There is a neutral grey tone called ‘Silver Grey’, a more flamboyant ‘Bronze Brown’ and a lively and slightly intense ‘Emerald Green’.


  1. An attractive sun lens tint when outdoors
  2. Exceptional indoor clarity
  3. 100% protection against UV rays
  4. Glare reduction

Sensity Dark

Cycling, fishing, driving, playing golf, running – Sensity Dark lenses are great when you spend most of the day outdoors. The light-reactive lenses deliver extra darkness in the open air as a reaction to UV light and visible light. They even darken behind the car window because they react to a wider light spectrum. It means that when you experience super-intense light or high temperatures, Sensity Dark lenses bring ultimate comfort. Most spectacular of all - the lenses quickly fade back to full clarity indoors.


  1. Responds fast to light and extra darkness outdoors
  2. Dark performance inside the car

Sensity Shine

Are you looking for a new type of sun lens that is functional and fashionable at the same time? With Sensity Shine, you get more. You get extra darkness when outdoors, but in a unique way. An exclusive look, thanks to a mirror coating that is more intense in the light, yet subtle when indoors. Wearing Sensity Shine is great when you are into fashion, innovations and trends.

The full Sensity family offers you three natural colours, however, Sensity Shine has a matching light mirror coating in every colour.

  • Sensity Shine Bronze Brown - Light mirror copper
    You get extra contrast in different light situations.
  • Sensity Shine Silver Grey - Light mirror silver
    You get extra comfort when experiencing intense light conditions.
  • Sensity Shine Emerald Green - Light mirror blue
    You get extra protection when using digital devices a lot.



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