Suitable for Outdoor, Sports

Clear vision even in challenging conditions for best athletic performance

With prescription sports lenses, you no longer need to choose between performance and protection. Offering sharp, wide fields of vision even in challenging weather conditions, Hoya Vision’s sports lenses can help you outperform the competition – and look great doing it.

Sportive lenses are designed for highly curved frames which are meant to fit well and securely even during fast activities, as well as to provide optimised vision for sports and protection at both the front and side of the face.

Sportive is also ideal for different weather conditions, they protect the wearers' eyes against weather elements such as the wind and snow.

In addition, a range of contrast-enhancing tints provide superb contrast even in poor light and unfavourable weather.



  1. Good binocular visual experience which is useful in situations that require fast reactions
  2. Easy focusing in all gaze directions
  3. A wider visual field with clarity that extends to the periphery of the lenses
  4. Protection against weather elements when outdoors



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