Suitable for Indoor, Office

Premium tailored indoor lens solution, created for visual efficiency at work

This is the exclusive indoor lens solution that is tailored to your individual working and wearing conditions. If your job involves precision activities or requires you to spend long periods at a computer, Workstyle range of lenses can offer the optical support that you need. Work without boundaries, whatever your profession.

Visual needs of different occupations vary depending on your working distance. Many people spend more time on screens and activities, which require focusing at near and intermediate work. Hoyalux WorkStyle is designed specially for such activities to provide wearers with a wide visual field, where they can enjoy a clear and relaxed vision.

Three Design Variations For Maximum Personalisation

  • Close

    Perfect for specialist hobbies and professions that require high levels of precision and benefit from the widest possible field of vision at near and intermediate distances up to 1 metre.

  • Screen

    The best choice for screen work and professions that require smooth, sharp depth and width vision from near distances up to 2 metres.

  • Space

    Especially suitable for activities where the focus is a little further away than a computer screen. Provides crystal-clear vision up-close and sharp indoor distance vision.


  1. Excellent depth and width perception at near and intermediate distances
  2. Wider field of view when using digital devices
  3. Natural posture at desk
  4. A solution tailored to specific visual needs

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